I'm Unconvinced · 13 October 06

I remain very unconvinced that I can make a living doing design work. Because of that, I find that I’m dipping my toes into too many other things to get really good at design. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, the more I doubt, the more I dabble and get distracted resulting in less time spent on growing my design skills.

What can I do to be committed to this idea of web design and development as a profession?

Determining what I really need · 2 August 06

I’m struggling with a couple of purchasing decisions:

I think I need some Pantone swatches for color matching as I recently had some problems with a print shop that couldn’t understand that I only knew process colors. He couldn’t get the files converted to solid colors nor did he have the bridge tool that Pantone provides to do that. Also a monitor calibration tool may be in the works for me.

Looking for a book (or maybe two) about front-end web design and information architecture. I’m pretty good with the backend stuff and with CSS coding. When it comes to organizing the information and determining the best way to present it, I spend way too much time starting over again and again.

I’m a developer/designer on the web, not a designer/developer. I know good web design when I see it, but I have a very hard time creating it on the web. Print design comes so much easier for me.

Oh well. Any recommendations are appreciated.

Nintendo DS Lite · 2 July 06

My family (wife, son, and daughter) got me a Nintendo DS Lite for Father’s Day this year. I think the message is that I’m too serious and really should learn to relax.

Mine is a white one, although the black one looks cooler. They aren’t available in black yet.

Ok. I’ll relax. Really.

Resources to Fight Pornography · 9 March 06

Godbit has a great article with resources to help overcome pornography. The accountability idea has certainly helped me in the past.

Got To Keep It Fresh · 1 March 06

The guys over at Godbit are sharing my ideas again about fresh content on web sites. They must listen to my conversations (maybe they’ve bugged my office).

Anyway, read it: Youth, Vitality and Content

I'm Alive Again · 28 February 06

This site has been dead for a long time. Attribute it to my lack of zeal for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It just seems that for a while, I just managed to make it from day to day instead of really enjoying life. So, I’ve vowed to make a change.

I’m living.

Time for a redesign. Man, this site is ugly.

Right-Sized Church Site · 28 February 06

Wow! This article covers all of the stuff I’ve been trying to explain to the web team (about 10 of us) at my church. If we’re not gonna have new and fresh content on a regular basis, then we should downsize the site. Ambition is killing us right now.

Godbit: Find a Site Suited to Your Church

Read the article and know that this is the truth. Bad web sites are a liability…even worse than no web site.